Independence or economic genocide of populations?

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Imagine a beautiful winter morning, you have just awakened, you discover that there is no electricity, that your neighbors and all the inhabitants of your city suffer the same terrible fate.
You take your car and discover with horror that it's the same for neighboring cities. To make matters worse, petrol stations are no longer supplying gas and the food stores are empty. Freight transport is paralyzed.
This little scenario shows how dependent we are on the multinationals who supply us with electricity and fuel.
Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, multinationals have been subject to international IFRS accounting standards, a new basis for calculating financial markets.
These standards reveal the economic and strategic secrets of companies of all countries in the United States of America.
In order to avoid economic genocide, we warn the public, civil servants and elected officials.
You are all welcome to work with us to end these international accounting standards.
Thus the real economy will again be able to function independently of the financial markets.

Despite the apparent complexity of the information on this website, the latter remains within the reach of all.
By becoming aware of the challenges of international accounting standards, a new basis for calculating financial markets, you understand that they concern everyone directly or indirectly.
This is why the operation of these standards is translated into a language accessible to all.

After reading the documents released, you will know the basics about the functioning of the liberal financial system of globalization.
You will be aware of the danger of international accounting standards allowing the financial valuation of the real economy according to the financial markets.
Indeed, this is what makes most of the real economy dependent on global financial markets.
That's why we designed this information website to invite you to join us in our actions to end financial standards that put all our businesses and jobs at risk.

These international IFRS accounting standards were introduced in Europe at the very beginning of the 21st century.
But over the years, the promotion of these standards is made for medium-sized companies and even for cooperatives.
These standards boil down to placing the real, palpable, concrete and measurable economy in volatile financial markets.

All the strategic and confidential business information of companies from all European countries but also countries from other continents around the world are disclosed in the United States through IFRS.
Curiously, nobody will ever know anything confidential or strategic about American companies that do not apply these standards in the United States.

Everything can be explained in detail without this requiring any knowledge of accounting.
Nevertheless the documents are exhaustive and are presented to you in an order that allows to assimilate their contents.
The two frames below, the first of which can be used as posters, allow you to familiarize yourself with some of the terms used on this site.
Finally comes the original file which is only downloadable because it is too large (23 pages) to be exposed in the web pages of this site.
It is this file which bases our mobilization. Anyone wishing to participate in our actions is welcome.


Hand held on European companies by the United States of America.

How the IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards reveal our economic secrets in the United States of America.

Following the events of September 11, 2001 resulting in the demolition of the twin towers and Tower 7 in New York, the implementation of the Patriot Act with its law on international terrorism, forced all Western companies and administrations to evolve their accounts to the Anglo-American type called "international accounting standards"!

Obligation to declare customers and long-term economic forecasts. Supervision requirement by audit firms 95% American!

Consequences: the secrets of companies and their customers will be known to the United States, competitor country, under the pretext of transparency and security, one-way ...

It's a Trojan horse ...

The real danger for European companies comes from the standardization made up of IFRS, Sarbanes-Oxley 2 (SOX02) and the Patriot Act.

Indeed, IFRS requires companies to communicate on strategic information. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act * allows the Public Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), the equivalent of the National Company of Auditors, to extend its investigations outside the United States to obtain this strategic information while the Patriot Act requires financial institutions, such as the PCAOB, to pass on information to intelligence services, without being able to warn their clients or protest.

It is therefore a real normative trap that is now in place.

* The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (PDF file)

Towards a takeover of the European companies by the United States of America.

According to the logic of the ultra-liberal globalisation, I'll talk about another great tool that has been established as part of the accounting rules and the audit profession. The IFRS standards. Barbarous words that mean International Financial Reporting Standard, extremely dangerous to the sustainability of the French, Swiss and European companies.

These standards are imposed in the whole world by the United States, except in the United States, where they do not apply.

They allow the United States a free access to strategic information regarding the French, Swiss and European companies.

The PCAOB, which is the equivalent of CNCC (French National Audit Board), organisation established as a result of an American law is charged with overseeing the audits of the companies listed on the US stock exchange. The audit is a technical expertise leading to a balance sheet reflecting the financial soundness of a company.

Every firm auditing a company listed on a US stock exchange, must be registered with the PCAOB, and is thus subject to its quality checks.

The PCAOB is also in charge with transmitting its information to the American intelligence service since the introduction of the Patriot Act on the American soil, law on terrorism.

Some members of the PCAOB come directly from the FBI and the CIA and in addition to this do not have any qualification nor any work experience at the level of audit requirements. Some of them were in trouble with the law.

There is a stranglehold of the PCAOB which owns the international regulatory body upon the audit of the listed companies and their subsidiaries. Indeed these audits are only accessible to very few auditing firms because the PCAOB insures that and constitutes a barrier to non American auditing firms. We'll cite the most notorious ones, most of them are American : KPMG, Delloite, Pricewaterhouse.... and on the European soil, very few firms that don't depend on American capital.

The United States are therefore aware of all the financial strategies of the European companies.

The IFRS tool allows :
– to establish the wealth of a company,
– to evaluate the patrimony of a company according to data transcribed through this standard.

This data is :
– its value according to the stock market
– the future or current contracts
– the costs in detail for example on a research and development on a patent
– etc ....

The United States therefore have all the strategic information on the European companies.
Furthermore if TAFTA is passed on the European level, its IFRS standards would follow.

Finally, following the logic of evaluation of wealth according to the stock market imposed by the IFRS, given that the financial markets are catastrophic at this time of chaos ...

We will find ourselves within months with European companies balance sheets in free fall according to the valorisation of their patrimony at the level of the financial market. Because real value has become financial value thanks to this gentle mechanism. Europ has given its corporate companies patrimony to the financial markets. The circle is complete ; the rules of economic survival of a whole continent have been stolen by Europ, a trojan horse of the United States, a financial war weapon in the core of all the French, Swiss and European companies.

Updated May 2018

Download source document in french

source document translated in english
How IFRS standards can reveal our secrets to United States (pdf file)

Complaint for crimes against humanity, system of slavery,
Nullity for fraud on sovereign debts.

A thesis has been set up in order to be able to set up a complaint for crime against humanity, system of slavery, Nullity for fraud on sovereign debts, crime in an organized gang etc......
We have tried to make it accessible in its understanding to a large part of the public.
Indeed, popularizing the financial world web in its complexity is not that easy...
Financial fabric which is analyzed in its entirety as a de facto monopoly on the real economies of nations.
This thesis has the particularity that it is valid for all European countries.
The other European countries, just have to copy/paste and translate it of course and do an analysis of the shareholding in Percentage of companies listed on the stock exchange in their respective countries.

This thesis is also valid for most continents.
Indeed, the problem stated in the economic study of war on international accounting standards European IFRS being analyzed as an economic weapon on nations (passing unnoticed in the eyes of the general public) is valid on other continents.

Here are the parts to download:
Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, we are being genocidated and it's global